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Insight - Making Sense of the Narrative


This is a video I recorded with Neil Shah at Vantage around three weeks ago when I was passing through London. Similar to the CISI subject but with more detail on the work we are doing with Toscafund.

The top down case for European Banks – this time it really is different...

Bringing together our series on Model Portfolios, we show how a balanced 60:40 Portfolio of Equities and Bonds based on our Global Bond Model Portfolio combined with either our Global Equity Factor Model Portfolio (Portfolio 1) or our Global Equity Theme Model Portfolio (Portfolio2) show different risk return profiles, but both show better returns with much lower risk than the benchmark.

In this note, we look at how we can construct a different Global Equity Model Portfolio using the same process of Conviction Scores and Dynamic Allocation, but looking instead at a diversified portfolio through the lens of ‘Global Themes’.

This is the second in our series of posts about our various model portfolios, and looks at Global Equities from the perspective of Factors.