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Insight - Making Sense of the Narrative


A year ago this week the Russians officially recognised the breakaway republics of the Donbas and triggered a ‘Special Military Operation’ (SMO) that in turn triggered a spike in risk premia that shocked markets.

The marvellous British word ‘defenestration’ is seemingly only ever used when a politician is metaphorically thrown out of the proverbial window and as such will doubtless be all over the UK press in the next few days as Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng loses his job and the administration of Liz Truss hangs by the proverbial thread.

The 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party will be presented as a time of calm in a sea of international chaos as Xi looks to a third term and further progress to his view of socialism.

UK households face the triple threat to their finances of higher energy prices, higher interest rates and higher taxes. Meanwhile, the new UK government trying to deal with this face a different triple threat of the markets, their political opponents (in all parties) and the entire globalist Media, academic, political and Mandarin class.

Thursday 8th September will be one of those days we all remember where we were when we heard, the day the UK lost a Monarch and the world lost a Queen. It is, quite literally, the end of an era.