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Insight - Making Sense of the Narrative


The latest piece for Citiwire was delayed, but is now up at the following link. A fuller piece on the subject will appear in the blog next week as usual.

The Bond market is trying to front run the Fed (as usual), while traders trying to front run China are finding a more determined adversary. As we used to see with FX markets, monetary authorities will intervene to push markets in the direction they want, but only when they are already going that way. Meanwhile, long term investors can take advantage of distressed selling by speculators to buy on the dips.

The second CitiWire piece on Thematic investing is from two weeks ago and was about Investing in Energy, not just the fashionable Clean Energy Sector, but also the old fashioned stuff needed to keep the economy moving.

One of the mantras from Politicians of all persuasions about the Build Back Better campaign is that in addition to ‘saving the planet’ it is going to provide ‘thousands of Green Jobs’.

We have been talking about Private Equity since the early days of this blog, but more recently here and here, where we asked an update to the famous Fred Schwed question “Where are all the (Private Equity) Customers’ Private jets?