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Insight - Making Sense of the Narrative


If you are a Democrat supporting media organisation (ie almost all of them) then the only story that counts is Covid.

Since the Global Financial Crisis, the West Has Slowly Woken Up to the Fact That China Does Not Intend to Play Entirely by Their Rules.

Market Thinking looks for how the behaviour of short term traders can spill over into the actions of medium term asset allocators and ultimately long term investors. Right now, we are watching the behaviour of the Currency and Commodity markets – dominated by short term leveraged ‘noise traders’ and seeing a clear possibility that they are going to trigger the asset allocators.

We talk of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and in doing so note that economic and political power has always coincided with the ability to gain access to the essential raw materials and components of the time

Nate Silver, the political pundit wrote a bestselling book in the wake of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis called the Signal and the Noise, with the subtitle ‘Why so many predictions fail, and some don’t”.