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Insight - Making Sense of the Narrative


As the laptop-wielding video gamers turned day traders take their battle to the Hedge Fund Masters of the Universe, they need to recognise that the regulators are going to come in soon.

As part one of our Build Britain Back Better series, we look today at the twin issues of Reform of the House of Lords and decentralising Government in the UK, especially England.

As US and other equity markets continue to hit new highs, we see increasing examples of Cognitive Dissonance emerging, notably in the response to the US Election. Historically this can lead to a sudden switch in the ‘narrative’ which can induce sharp spikes in short term uncertainty.

Is the Glass half empty or half full? It depends on whether you are pouring, or drinking.

In an increasingly uncertain world, people crave reassurance. Unfortunately those appearing to offer certainty and ‘science’ are in many cases fooling themselves along with their customers.