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Insight - Making Sense of the Narrative


Hot on the heels of our new Thematic slot at CitiWire, we were asked to do one of our semi regular pieces this weekend for the highly regarded Australian publication AFR.

After, yet another, glossy puff piece in the Times about ‘Buff Billionaire’ Matt Moulding of THG, I posted a comment suggesting that they should consider tagging it as Advertorial. I got a few likes and replies before the comment was deleted as seemingly contradicting the Times’ Policies – presumably on objectivity. Truth hurts obviously.

It looks like the ‘don’t trust the dollar’ crowd have switched from Crypto to Gold, which is going up as the others go down., but there are other forces at play.

There is a meaningful risk emerging that the quiescence of the public so far in response to lockdown is going to erupt into civil unrest over the summer as the bread and circuses employed so far are no longer enough to control the mob.

Equity Markets recovered at the end of last week in what looked like a classic ‘buy the dips’ bounce as medium and long term investors moved in to take advantage of some deleveraging and forced selling by the short term traders and market makers.