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Insight - Making Sense of the Narrative


UK households face the triple threat to their finances of higher energy prices, higher interest rates and higher taxes. Meanwhile, the new UK government trying to deal with this face a different triple threat of the markets, their political opponents (in all parties) and the entire globalist Media, academic, political and Mandarin class.

This time last year, in a post entitled ‘Economics by Anecdote’, we noted a number of issues from a trip to Europe, from the high costs of shipping and labour shortages due to Covid to the intrusive bureaucracy around Covid...

One of the most important questions facing investors is not inflation per se, but perceptions of inflation.

The dirty little secret of Monetary Policy in much of the west is that it has actually long been really a form of fiscal policy. When you have a population with large amounts of floating rate debt, changing the cost of financing that debt is effectively the same as directly boosting or shrinking disposable income.

The famous investor Peter Lynch worked on the principle that he invested in ‘things he knew about’ and similarly it often pays to listen to the things around us rather than waiting for them to become ‘official’.