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Insight - Making Sense of the Narrative


In last week’s WWW, we suggested thinking about the possible positive outcomes that could arise from this New Cold War between the US and China

A recent article claimed that Zoom was worth more than the whole of the US airline sector. This is not of course true, but it is interesting for other reasons, not least because we have recently discussed both areas.

The Good news is that Covid-19 is over, for now at least, rates are falling everywhere and excess death measurements reveal that in most countries 2020 has been ‘nothing unusual’ .

Today’s announcements from China need to be seen in the context of the last two years of steadily intensifying interference in Chinese affairs by the US as part of the new Cold War.

When considering risk, it is always very easy to become gloomy and negative, which is why some of the most perspicacious advisors nevertheless fulfil the old maxim of “If you’re so clever why aren’t you rich?” They see risk and seek to avoid it.