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Insight - Making Sense of the Narrative


The US Election marks the passing of the Boomers, three of the last four US Presidents were born within two months of each other in 1946.

When governments first started responding to the Covid 19 pandemic by locking down economies and using War metaphors, we suggested that it all had the air of the British Comedy series Dad’s Army.

The options expiry on Friday was closely watched thanks to the fun and games in the Gamma markets initiated by Softbank in July and August but was fortunately not too disruptive.

The ‘Clean network to safeguard US Assets’ aka the new Firewall being proudly touted by Mike Pompeo and as discussed on the blog here last month is likely to have some important and largely unintended consequences.

Sterling dropped, Tech dropped, Oil prices dropped. It all feels like some de-leveraging going on.