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Insight - Making Sense of the Narrative


We were honoured to be invited to speak at the Sohn event in Hong Kong back in May, where I addressed the topic of investing in the new New Normal as part of our short presentation (video featured) of our 'stock pick' for the conference. We chose one of the themes in our new fund (European Banks) and from that one of the favoured stocks from our colleagues at ToscaFund in the UK where they have run a very successful long short financials fund for over 20 years. Two months in an we are pleased to say that our pick is currently third in the 'competition'. Not that we are competitive.....

Completing a trio of recent external press articles/videos. A discussion (again) on de-Dollarisation and the split between the Financial Capitalism of 'the west' and the industrial capitalism of 'the rest'

A welcome return to the Bloomberg studios to talk about some of the big trends in the background, specifically the emergence of a Dollar zone and a 'de-dollarised zone' with long term implications for capital flows and investment opportunities