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Insight - Making Sense of the Narrative


OK, we have seen the new Tesla pickup truck and in my view it is awful. The secret of Tesla’s initial success (in my humble opinion) was that the Model S was a very good looking car...

The elections in Hong Kong at the weekend produced a huge swing to the Pro-democracy parties. All eyes therefore will now be on the Hong Kong Legislative Elections next September.

The sudden escalation of violence in Hong Kong and the dramatic and telegenic use of incendiary devices ensured that Hong Kong dominated the global 24/7 news cycle over the last two weeks, culminating in an Alamo style standoff at one of the Hong Kong Universities over the weekend.

A little over a hundred years ago, some of the richest men in the world were the railway Tycoons who had helped open up America.

The search for yield is not a new phenomenon, even if it has intensified under QE.